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I got it - yes, this has been my first thought when I passed my Sandan exam. Success, the hard work and the lot of trainings have brought me to this point. Now I have a lot of time to develop myself, there will be a time for the next exam, Yondan is far away.

Well, it was not as far as I thought, time runs very fast. I have had multiple plans where to go for the exam, but none of them came to life, I got sad, I wanted to atek the next step, wanted to prove to myself that I'm good enough. The WEuropean chanpinship was getting closer and I started to feel, that the time has run away, that I would need more to improve, to develop to prepare ...

It is exam day - how did I get here? My stres level is above the seeling, but I'm in cointrol, at least I like to think that :), my friends and my teacher see my tension and support me.

I know which kata are to be performed, I'm practicing them, over and over, I still one hour to the exam, over and over, the more I practice the more mistakes I find. The time is passign faster, everything is happening so fast, that I almost can't understand what is going on. I'm siting on the chari and waiting for the exams to start, slowly the judges assamble, 3 high ranked Japanese sensei and 3 eruopean sensei. Their eyes are strict, there is no pleace for any hesitation now.

Hajime - it started and for me the world doesn't exist anymore, there is only my sword and me, nothing else is important in this moment. I'm getting stuck with my sageo in the beggining - is it all over? I continue and perform my favorite koryu kata which sets the right feeling for me, Gyakuto is my choice, it is risky but beautiful, I enjoy it.

Ushiro, Kesagiri, Sanpougiri and Sougiri follow, it is over. Taijo.

Is this really it? The many years, days and hours of hard work heading to this point? It is a strange feeling. I sit down and wait, watching the others, crosing fingers for them, trying to think, what did I just do, I;m not sure if I really showed all five kata, everything was very fast, there was no time to think, I have done it naturally.

The results are on the wall, I don't go to see, it is not important, I;m watching the others taking their exams.

People are congratulating me, I have done it, again I have time ...

I can't be really happy over it, there are many things going on inside me, many friends did not pass and this does not leave place for happiness.

PS: from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank everybody supporting me, first of all my family who endured the tension and allowed me to spend the huge amount of time practicing, my teacher, who was there for me at every step to support me and to help with his knowledge so I can improve, my friends and students who even in hard times were there to give me strenght ... Thank you!

Best regards

Róbert Kulcsár